About Us

Renowned Staffordshire restaurateur John Ashmore along with Chef Mark Medley create 1709@home.

One of Staffordshire best known restaurateurs and owner of Bistro 1709 in Lichfield, has now created 1709@home, a range of ready meals prepared in the restaurant kitchens by Chef Mark Medley  giving you the opportunity to experience restaurant quality food in the comfort of your own home.

“Many of our signature dishes are available freshly cooked and foil packed for our customers to take home along with homemade sauces to accompany the dishes” John Ashmore.

1709@home is available within the delicatessen counter inside Bistro 1709, stocking a range of homemade pates, pickles, sauces, jams and relishes. The range will be supported with products from carefully selected specialist producers.

Customers of Bistro 1709 are well aware of the passion that Chef Mark Medley has for his dishes but if you have a specific dish that you would like prepared and cooked, put Mark to the challenge and he will be glad to produce it exclusively for you.